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From Feb. 1 to March 30, we will be open on weekends only.

From Feb. 1 to March 30, we will be open on weekends only.

On the weekends of February and March it is wonderful to spend time on the island of Schouwen-Duiveland. It is then still very quiet on the beach, in the dunes and in the woods. You are much more likely to encounter deer during a walk in the woods or a bike ride. Seals swim close to the shore and seem to follow you while walking along the beach.

On six consecutive weekends, in six different villages, we celebrate the traditional festival "Strao." In the old days, at the end of the winter, the horses were taken from their stables and their legs were rinsed in sea water. We still do this today, every week starting February 11, Strao is celebrated in one of the 6 villages. In the morning, beautifully decorated horses ride through the village then they walk in a long procession to the beach, back in the village the riders engage in a contest of ring stabbing. Finally, in the village hall or in a catering establishment, while enjoying a drink, the prizes are awarded for the winners of the ring stabbing and for the most beautifully decorated horse.

Will you also come and enjoy a spring weekend in Zeeland?

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Published 13-12-2022 / Copyright © De Heerlijkheid van Noordwelle